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SCG 003

SCG 003S:
Ultimate Race Car for the Road

It has better build quality than some automakers that have been in business for decades. It’s also better to drive, even in this development phase, than products from supercar makers that have been around long enough to celebrate meaningful anniversaries.
— Road & Track, 2018

We designed and built the 003S from the ground up to be the ultimate race car for the road.

The SCG 003S is a road-legal luxury GT that is hand-built in our factory in Sleepy Hollow, New York.  We also offer a road-legal track-oriented SCG 003CS and a full competition SCG 003C (SPX/GTE).


SCG 003S



  • NHTSA Low Volume Compliant with a 17-digit VIN, at least 49 state legal

  • Carbon fiber chassis, body, and subframes

  • BMW 4.4 liter reverse flow twin turbo engine with racing dry-sump, with 700 HP at rear wheels

  • 1900 LBS of net down force and 2G’s of mechanical grip on road tires

  • Maximum speed in excess of 230MPH

  • 0–60 MPH in under 3 seconds

  • Paddle shift Cima gearbox

  • Brembo carbon ceramic brakes

  • Forgeline centerlock wheels

  • Driver adjustable shocks with different settings for road and track

  • Race-inspired side mirrors with built-in side cameras and dashboard side mirror screens

  • Wooden sacrificial protective layer under front splitter and running the length of the bottom of the car

  • Driver operated front and rear lifters

  • Choice of exterior paint and interior leather or Alcantara colors

  • Optional clear-coated natural or tinted carbon fiber body ($115,000)





Same as 003S except as follows:

  • CS body, rear wing, and interior

  • 2200 pounds of net aerodynamic downforce

  • Weight 2600 pounds

  • We offer full customization services for the 003S and 003CS. For inquiries contact us.